Plot of Resource

Resource is a game based on collecting resources and building your own kingdom, away from the tyrants in the rest of the land. People from all over are suffering yet are reluctant to leaving their home, and the life they know. It is not only a crime to leave any kingdom, but the wilderness is full of beasts and untamed land. People will not risk their families and way of life unless they are shown security, and the benefit of your land. That's not to say the low lives who have no family, no home or any claim to land won't help you.

Starting out will be tough, exile. Jaxon was only a boy of 17 when he was caught stealing bread from a merchant in Socule. Luckily, Socule is the only Kingdom that doesn't believe in capital punishment but instead cast out people that break the laws. Most end up dead within a day or two, but you are lucky and found a cave without a bear or anything.

You enter the game inside the cave with a bit of food, mostly berries, bread and that one chicken who squeezed into your cave and started pecking at your food. The only weapon you have is this little dagger you found on your first day. Its ok for fighting little creatures and skinning small game, but you are going to have to make better equipment to survive.

Jaxon is in a sense, a revolutionary, a man who did not approve of life as it is. A king, must love his people and not his power. Trade amongst the kingdoms have become limited, very limited. As the population grows bigger, the space behind walls becomes smaller and smaller. Once expansive farms have become the bare minimum to feed those who can afford it. Villages are dirty, people are sick. The passageways underground between kingdoms are full of the homeless and suffering.

The kingdoms of the land have tried to expand the walls before but have failed miserably. Mankind has lived behind the walls for quite a long time, and nature has grown to resent them, left behind and forgotten. Nobody for generations knows what the outside looks like.


Resource is a 2D RPG style game with an overworld, cities and cave systems. In the overworld there are abundant areas for resources, food and wild beasts. An evil force behind nature, or is it? During the game, you will be forced to make tough decisions throughout the story. Many challenges will come your way, making you have to try and try again. On android you have touch controls and on PC you have the mouse and keyboard. Many of the buttons on the UI have a shortcut on the keyboard.