Life of Jaxon

Life of Jaxon is a sandbox 2D Platformer where you can created your own levels to beat. The game comes with a few levels built in that you can play. There is not a plot or chain of events as of right now, though we do plan on adding on in the future. This was the first fully fledged game I had ever created. It taught me game physics and the basics of game loop. LOJ is build on libGDX, a great game engine that deals with UI, rendering, screens and other utilities.

Creating a game from scratch is kinda difficult. First you have to have an idea, of which I never had for LOJ so I moved on to what I wanted it to look like. If you know of Nerd Shooter at all, you understand that this was built seperately since this code started to look more like a game than a framework. Nerd Shooter was meant to be a framework for games to be built upon. Specific game content was starting to appear the more I worked on it. Thats when it branched off.

Later on, when I have more time, I'll explain the game mechanics.