Xemplar Softworks

At Xemplar, we create lasting memories to be shared. Relaxing after a hard day's work is good for the mind. Currently we have a few projects in development, ranging from contract websites to indev games. Check them out!

Current Projects

Each of the things we work on are important to us but sometimes projects become stressful so something else has to be worked on. Thats why we have so many projects indev at the same time, but they do eventually become finished. Below are the things we are working on.

  • RPS Wars (Open Testing)
  • Chess (Closed Testing)
  • Xemplar Gaming Hub (Closed Testing)
  • Life of Jaxon (Released)
  • Resource (Indev)

RPS Wars

RPS Wars is a triangular warfare simulator game. Inspired by games like AoE, command your army to take your opponent. Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, and Paper beats Rock. You can learn more about how you can help. You can also join our Discord Server

XC - Chess

Xemplar Softworks, LLC is going through a change, bringing classics back in fashion. Chess is the first in a series of classic games in development using a new gaming network, the Xemplar Gaming Hub. The hub is built on top of a library I'm developing to aid in testing apps on all platforms. This Xemplar Classics line will need help with testing. Learn more about how you can help.

Xemplar Gaming Hub

A project based on application testing library, TestDB. Originally TestDB was designed to aid in development on multiple platforms. Each platform requires its own implementation of the TestDBApplication class. XGH is built on top of the user authentication of TestDB, making it easier to implement. Users will be able to make friends, start groups, and even participate in tournaments. You can create an account here.

Life of Jaxon

Life of Jaxon is a sandbox game with no current story/plot. You jump around, solving puzzles to advance to the next level. There is a custom level designer that you can use to create your own levels. All you have to do is connect your computer and phone to the same wifi network to broadcast your custom level. More official levels are in development but are placed on the back burner for now.


Resource is a game based on collecting resources and building your own kingdom, away from the tyrants in the rest of the land. People from all over are suffering yet are reluctant to leaving their home, and the life they know. It is not only a crime to leave any kingdom, but the wilderness is full of beasts and untamed land. People will not risk their families and way of life unless they are shown security, and the benefit of your land. That's not to say the low lives who have no family, no home or any claim to land won't help you. You play as Jaxon, a revolutionary in the idea of government. Behind the walls of the kingdoms is getting cramped and there is nowhere to go. People have become a secondary priority as the kings are focused on food for themselves.

Unmentioned projects are either kept as NDA or don't have enough of a base to discus anything. All trademarks and images are owned by their respective owners.